Automatic guest login and renaming "artifacts" to "downloads"

TeamCity is a very convenient way to release snapshot builds for rapid deployment of new features or bug fixes. There are only two inconveniences to it used this way:

1) When sending a link to TC in an email, it'd be nice to give users a direct link that doesn't first require a guest login. The status widget manages this with the jsessionid, but how would that translate to an email?

2) Even when using the status widget, the jargony "artifacts" word throws users off. Is there a way to rename that to "downloads" or "files"?

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Hi Matt,

1) If guest login is enabled, add &guest=1 parameter to a usual page URL. The login will be silently attempted on loading the page.

2) You could try to create a custom patch: change <bs:artifactsLink build="${buildData}" no Popup="true">artifacts</bs:artifactsLink> in externalStaus.jsp and restart server. Note, that after upgrade the changes will be lost.
Also you might be interested in watching/voting for this feature:

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Thanks Marina. You've solved my issues except for one fairly important case: posting a direct link to an artifact. Adding &guest=1 doesn't work in that case.


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