Issues running ms tests

We're using teamcity to do our CI builds and are having issues getting the tests to run in a similar way we did prior with tfs ci builds.   In TFS we use to do something like  <TestContainer Include="$(OutDir)\%2a.Tests.dll;$(OutDir)\%2a.Test.dll;" /> in our build script, but from what I see in TeamCity this won't work and we either have to specify each test assembly separately (yukk, maintenance nightmare)  or supply a testconfig file which I've had absolutely no luck getting working.  

How can you run all tests in the solution, or run tests on all assemblies that have Test.dll in the name.


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What build runner do you use?

There is no way to specify a wildcard of assemblies in TeamCity web UI. You may create a build script that calls your solution build and than starts mstest.exe for proper set of assemblies. To import data in TeamCity user TeamCity service message:

See for details.

Feel free to post an issue in out tracker to support wildcards in mstest properties.


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