Agent Support For IBM z/OS (unix) ?? (or support for foreign character sets ??)

We would like to use a build agent on IBM z/OS (100% fully certifed unix).

IBM uses EBCDIC as its native character-set (code-page).  

The question issue here >>

Does the agent fully support foreign character sets like (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish) ect, ect, ect  

Basically EBCDIC  is a foreign character set.   

Does the agent have undocumented or obvious dependencies on ASCII/unicode that would cause it
to choke on foreign character sets ????  

Please feel free to contact me at >>

Thanks !!

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TeamCity agent deals with various user data like build logs, tests output, project sources, so it is important where do you need specific encoding support.
Most data is processed as Unicode and if a regular Java program can read the strings OK most probably TeamCity agent will do also.

Anyway, if you face some issues feel free to report them into our issue tracker at

We do not have necessary hardware (and software) to test for IBM z/OS so I am not sure we can investigate the issues duly, but if you can provide sufficient debug information we will probably be able to look into the issue. On the other hand, I must admit supporting rare platforms is not our top priority, so the possibility for a fix will depend on how hard it will be to fix it.

If you are just planning to install TeamCity I recommend to wait for a couple of days and try TeamCity 5.1 which should improve compatibility with IBM JDK. Or you can try 5.1 release candidate build right now:


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