app/rest/changes lists commits outside vcs root


We have a teamcity server that makes a new build after each commit. I am making a service that takes those builds and runs a few tests on them. If the service finds a build that fails a test it tries to determine the last revision that passed. To accomplish that the service needs to trigger builds on team city. As not all commits influence a given buildtype I need to get a list of commmits that do. So I use


In this list however, commits show up that only affect files outside the vcs root for the specified buildtype. When I trigger a build using the modificationId that corresponds to the commit that only affects files outside the vcs root, and look at the build details when it is finished, the display-version is set to the last revision that did have an impact. Inspecting the changes for the build yields zero changes:


Am I correct to assume changes should only be listed for a specific buildtype when the commit actually changes at least one file in the vcs-root?

Thanks, Bas

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"BuildTypeId" is not a supported parameter and it is just ignored, so you get all the changes.

BTW, you might be interested in TW-7287 and related requests.


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