Multiple Additional NCover arguments

I am trying to specify multiple ncover arguments and have tried various delimiters without any luck. What is the correct syntax/delimiter for arguments?

I want to provide arguments such as //ias *.MyAssembly.* //et *DisplayClass*

I have tried space/newline/semicolon delimiters and all end in an exception. A single argument works fine!

I have the feeling I am missing something simple, please help!

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Could you please attach a screenshot of the configuration settings (with all field editors expanded)

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Screenshot attached.

Like I said though this is just one example I have tried separating the arguments in various ways however it seem like it only accepts one argument. More than likely I have got the syntax (delimiter) incorrect however I cannot find any info on how to correctly supply multiple arguments.

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Could you please attach build output. What was the exception? Could it be like this



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