Not able to download artifacts without a file extension from TC server


I am running TeamCity v5.0.3 on a Windows Server 2003 32Bit VM.  I have multiple agents (Windows, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Solaris).  The issue I am having is downloading artifacts without file extensions.  I have a build configuration (called "AIX 5.2 - Release") and under the "General Settings" the "Artifact paths:" looks like this:

./MT/AIX_5.2/release/** => MT/AIX_5.2/release
./NONMT/AIX_5.2/release/** => NONMT/AIX_5.2/release

This allows me to grab all files and folders under the base paths and save them to the server (including files without extensions; ex: testme as opposed to a Windows equivalent of testme.exe).  I can verify this by looking at the artifact listing.  All is good.

I have a second configuration called "Unix / Linux" (under an Installs project).  This configuration depends on AIX 5.2 - Release.  I add AIX 5.2 - Release to the "Snapshot Dependencies" and then for the "Artifact Dependencies" I add AIX 5.2 - Release (Last Finished Build), "Artifact paths" = **, "Destination path" = ./.

When I "Check artifact dependencies", all files that do not have an extension are missing.  When I run the configuration (which runs on a Linux/Unix machine), the files without extensions are not downloaded and cause my process to fail (I need those files of course!).

In the "Dependencies", I have tried putting in an exact fully qualified path to the artifact, specifying filename and everything, and it doesn't find the artifact.  I have tried using **/*, **, <full path minus filename>/* and only filenames with extensions are found.  I have verified that the paths and wildcards work by looking for a filename that does have an extension.

Am I fundamentally doing something wrong?  Help?  Thanks!
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Hello David,

Sorry for the delay. Is this problem still actual?

Unfortunately  we unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide full agent logs?
In the meantime, you can as workaround download artifacts from the url and unpack zip inside your build script.

Also please take a look at the feature request and watch/vote for it.


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Hello Marina,

Since that posting, I have upgraded to TeamCity v5.1.  I haven't been able to test the issue again because I changed the build scripts so that the files without extensions now have extensions.  The files happen to all be from Unix/Linux builds.  The issue you mentioned sounds like the same problem I had.  If can get some time, I will replicate the situation again and see if the problem still exists.  Thank you for following up!



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