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Hello David,

It is not currently possible. Please watch/vote for the feature: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-4124

Meantime there is a workaround to manual moving projects from one server to another.

With some manual work it is possible to transfer project and build configuration settings. This approach is described below, but it requires careful XML editing and can be recommended only if you need to transfer many projects with complex settings.

For the time being it is not possible to transfer builds information (history, artifacts, etc.)

Both the source and the target TeamCity servers need to be exactly the same version (build number).

For the settings transfer, you need to get a set of files from .BuildServer\config directory from TeamCity data directory or source server, modify ids within xml files and put it in the corresponding place of TeamCity data directory of target server. You can do this even without server restart.

The files to process:
Directory: .BuildServer\config\<your project name>
You can safely drop project-config.xml.* files
In the file project-config.xml you might need to modify the tags listed below to ensure ids do not clash with ids on the target server.

 <build-type id="bt133"...
    <vcs-entry-ref root-id="10"...
        <dependency sourceBuildTypeId="bt413" ...
        <depend-on sourceBuildTypeId="bt363" />
        <triggered-by buildTypeId="bt365" />

Relevant tags of a file: .BuildServer\config\vcs-roots.xml
This file stores all VCS roots. From this file you will need to get the "vcs-root" tags that are referenced in "vcs-entry-ref" subtag of "build-type" tag in project-config.xml file, probably modify the ids in both places and add the resulting vcs-root into .BuildServer\config\vcs-roots.xml file on the target server.

Basically, all the references by id's need to be updated. They can be configured in various places around the system including user-specified configuration settings (e.g. "dep.btXX." properties references), plugin-settings.xml file, etc.
To preserve the current build numbers, you will also need to update names of "bt132.buildNumbers.properties" files to have the ids as in corresponding "build-type" tags of project-config.xml files.

Please create backup copies of all modified data. Backup of the target server is also recommended.

See also a section of our doc that describes .BuildServer directory files.

Kind regards,


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