5.1: VCS triggering does not work

  I have two idential configurations in my project except for one difference: one trigers on VCS changes without any rules entered, and the other one has a single default rule: +:**/*
  When I commit a change, the first one triggers the other one does not. Spent a whole day yesterday trying to figure out why. I was watching the debug logs, but couldn't figure it out. Is this a bug?


Can you provide an example of the VCS checkin (with file paths) which did not trigger a build?


I am not sure what kind of example you need. On VCS we have module COL. From COL, I do a commit of a file in the same directory. Empty rule set gets triggered. The ruleset with a default rule does not... Is there a log file that I can watch to see in more detail what teamcity is doing with respect to triggering?


The file is in the same directory? Please try this pattern: **


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