Remote Run problem when pom.xml change included


I'm trying to do a Remote Run on a Maven configuration on TC 5.1.
The pom.xml is part of the changes to commit and contains an upgrade from Spring lib from 2.5.6 to 3.0.2.

The build fails because of some library conflicts, I've check the clean file option on a check out on Agent config, added the maven goal clear, but all to no avail.

When I verify the check out directory, look at the pom, it's not the one I want to commit, it's the previous version.

During a Remote Run, I assume the files are freshly checked out from VCS then the modified files are added on top, so that an Agent can run a Maven build in a directory that would mirror what's on the working copy.

Is there something I am missing here? I though the agent check out directory would be exactly my working copy that I'm trying to commit.

The build runs fine on the working copy, only the remote run fails.

Thanks for helping


Sorry for the post, my mistake, of course...
Some parent pom and transitive dependency not up to date on the TC server.

But I'd still be interested to know more about how Remote Run works, if anyone has some time to spare for an answer!



Hello, Jean.

Sorry for the delay.

Remote run doesn't do a full checkout (unless you expclicitly specify it to or the current working directory content has become "dirty"). It rather updates the existing sources from the VCS and applies your personal changes upon the updated sources. Then after the build finishes (no matter successfully or not) your personal changes are rolled back.

This is how it works.


Thank you Sergey,

that explains why there's no way to actually "see by yourself" on the agent the changes that are part of the Remote Run.



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