Best ways to prevent running two configurations concurrently on same agent machine

Hi, I'm asking for a suggestion about how to best achieve this scenario.

We would like to install two agents on the same physical machine, but we have some build configurations which cannot run concurrently on the same machine because they share the same checkout directory.

I can think of a couple of ways to achieve this by using agent requirements and agent compatible configurations for each agent, but I would like to hear your opinion too.


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Ok I investigated it a bit, I noticed that a plugin like the Groovy which provides read and write locks might be the way, with the additional feature of scoping it to a single agent machine.

What about open sourcing the plugin so that people can make contributions?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Actually, the GroovyPlug IS open-sourced. See "Sources" under "Development links" on the plugin page.

A side note: You mentioned that you use the same checkout directory. Please ensure that your setup coplies with the yellow note on the Checkout Directory documentation page.

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Hi Yegor,

no problem at all. I noticed now that there's a svn server for the plugins, thanks for the info.

About the side-note, thanks for bringing it up, I didn't notice it but I think we are compliant.


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