Problem with restoring backup


Trying to restore backup i'm getting error:
Cannot proceed with 'restore' command: The backup file version is 346 but the current system version is 378. Could not r
estore from backup of another version of system.

I find a note on TeamCity documentation: "Please note that restoration of the backup created by TeamCity can only be performed with the same TeamCity version that the backup file was created with."

But the problem is that i really need to do that backup. So my querstions are:
1. Is there a backupfile file "upgrade" software?
2. Where can i download version 346 of TeamCity.

It's really import so i would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advanced.

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current implemantation of the maintainDB tool can restore data only from backup files that were made by this version of the tool. In order to restore from old backup you can do the following:

1) install the version of TeamCity that was used to make the backup file,
2) restore from backup,
3) upgrade the installation up to the desired version.

Version 346 – is the TC 5.0.2 (and also 5.0.3), you can download one of them here:

We have an issue to allow a user to restore TC data from backup files produced by previouse versions of TC:
You can watch/vote for it.

Best regards,
Leonid Bushuev


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