Build SVN branches by template?

I am building from a SVN repository.
About the only difference between my build configurations is the SVN URL (branch)

Is it possible to have a template and just change the SVN Branch per configuration?  Maybe via templated Checkout rules (which I don't quite get)

My SVN repository is like


Any help greatly appreciated!

Currently running Version 5.0.3 (build 10821)

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Hello Mark,

You can create single shared VCS root for http://svn-server/branches and create a template with this VCS root attached and checkout rules, like %checkout.rules%.
Then in each configuration inherited from this template which works with specific branch you can define custom value for checkout rules, like:

Kind regards,

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I have just dealt with this myself and it did not make sense to include the VCS Root in the template so I could keep the template more generic.  Once you add the checkout rules to the template they cannot be changed in the inheriting build configuration so every build using that template will also use those checkout rules.  The way I did it was to make the VCS Root for the project and then use the same VCS Root in all the build configuration variants in the project.  Then I changed the checkout rules per build configuration.

In a way VCS Roots are already kind of set up like templates if you take the checkout rules into account

See the other response for a good explanation of how to use the checkout rules.

Again, this is what made sense for my situation.


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