Simple way to check out to all agents in a set?

My build command that I use for most of my configurations does a lot more than just build code; it also uses some scripts to run other actions.  Those scripts have their own repository and I'd like to be able to update them on all our build agents whenever they're newly checked in.

I was curious if there's any possible way to simply create 1 configuration for checking out these scripts and having it check out on all of my build agents (which themselves are a subset of a larger group of build agents.)  Or do I need to create a configuration per-agent in order to do this?  I already know how to use agent requirements to tell a configuration which agents to use, I'm more curious about how to convince a single configuration to check out on all of its available agents.


Hello Dave,

For now, it's not possible to trigger the build on multiple agents. Please watch/vote for the feature request:
Please also note the workaround described in comments to the issue.

You could also try to add one more VCS root with your script to each build configuration you'll need it.

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Thank you for your answer!  Unfortunately during further investigation, I've come across a snag.  According to the work-around's document I would need to run commands using a clear-text name and password.  We've integrated our LDAP with TeamCity, an LDAP that's used by dozens of other internal systems we have.  It's a security risk to actually add an account to the LDAP for the sake of saving some space on TeamCity and we cannot create TeamCity-specific accounts for this purpose either due to TeamCity's refusal to allow such a process when it's configured to use LDAP.  So at this point, it seems like the work-around isn't viable for us.

Also of note is the fact that we cannot simply add an extra VCS root with every configuration since that kind of work doesn't scale very well in a system with hundreds of configurations.



Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You might be interested in in our issue tracker. Please comment/vote for/watch the issue.

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Marina Grechko


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