Is it possible to change the way dates are displayed?

As an American, I'm constantly reading the dates in TeamCity incorrectly since they are displayed as DD MM YY instead of MM DD YY. Is it possible to change the date format somewhere in the TeamCity configuration?



No, it's not possible to change date format in TeamCity. In fact, in most cases the date is written in full (eg, May 19, 1910). Please tell me where did you see the date that appears in the form DD MM YY?

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I should have been more specific. It's in format of 18 May 10 18:00 instead of May 18, 2010 18:00. Here's an example on a build configuration home page. Note the Started column.



Do you refer to year display format?

We do not plan to add possibility to change date format, feel free to submit feature request to our tracker:

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