How to configure clearcase in teamcity 5.0.2

I have used RAD plugin and created a view like e:\views\mymachine\myproject.

Now are per the documentation in the location

I am entering the "ClearCase view path" as e:\views\mymachinename\myproject and in the "Relative path within the view" vob\myfoldername.

,  getting a error message that  " e:\views\mymachinename\myproject" is not a path to ClearCase view

Can some body help me ?



Are you sure you did not make a mistake while typing the path into the textfield?

If it is not the case, can you please run "cleartool pwv -root" command in "e:\views\mymachinename\myproject" directory and provide me its output?


Thanks a lot maxim, i  have only plugin for RAD7.x will this command work on it?


Sorry, but I don't know what RAD is... Could you please explain it in two words?

And do you have installed ClearCase on you machine?


RAD - Rational Application Devloper - IDE for Java projects.

And, I have not installed ClearCase client in my machine. I have 7.0 client but we are connecting to server 7.1. As there is a difference in version this may not work. Is my Assumtion correct?


Yes, it may be the cause. Can you please try 7.1 client?


Thanks a lot Maxim, Can you please help me by providing the download link  . I am trying to get , but unable to get one link for the same.


Unfortunately, I do not know the download link for ClearCase 7.1, but I think you can find it on


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