No modified files found looking for local changes

Hi All,

We are using VS2010 and TFS 2010 and have the 5.1 Viaual studio plug in installed.  

The problem we're having is that when we try to test are local changes (run remote) the Local Changes boxes comes up and reads:

  "No modified files found. No version controls are enabled in TeamCity Options"

The only option that are available are for Perforce and Subversion... We are useing TFS.

- I have a solution open

- I have pendiong changes

- It works in VS2008 but not VS2010, Known issue?

     - when is the update scheduled?

What else can I check?



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Hi, Gerald.

First of all, some days ago we released TeamCity 5.1.2 bugfix version. There are several TFS related improvements in VS add-in. So i recomend you to install this update.
Second, make sure that you use RTM version of Visual Studio 2010 with TeamExplorer installed.

In all cases, it would be great, if you could attach your TeamCity VS add-in logs in this thread. You could find them in %Temp%\JetLogs directory.

By the way, as i see, the lack of a TFS options page in VS add-in could really confuse our users. So we plan to add this page in the nearest future. You could take a look at this issue for details. ( Fell free to watch\vote\comment it.


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