Setting MSBuild ToolsVersion not working?


I am trying to build a VS2010/SL4.0 MSBuild project on Windows Server 2008 (64bit).

If I open "Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)" it says:

"Setting environment for using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 x86 tools."

I type msbuild <myprojectname> and it builds fine.

When I try and build from TeamCity I get strange errors and it appears to be running Version 2.0 of MSBuild even though I have set MsBuild ToolsVersion to 4.0 (and anything else I have tried).

What am I doing wrong?



I have attached screen shot of config, a build log and the tcpjox msbuild wrapper that TeamCity produces.

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I was running 5.0.3 version which appears to have a problem with MSBuild 4.0. I have upgraded to 5.1 and it appears to be working.


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