Strange problem running msbuild project - Project runs partially

I have three msbuild projects.
ProjectA is configured to run in TeamCity.
ProjectA sets some properties, imports ProjectB and then calls a target of that ProjectB.
ProjectB imports ProjectC, executes some tasks that are in ProjectB and among that tasks it calls a target of ProjectC.
Everything is ok when I run the script (ProjectA) locally using msbuild.exe. When it runs under team city there is a very strange behaviour. ProjectA does call ProjectB as it should, but project B does not run any local task, but only the target of ProjectC that is suppose to call at some moment.
I'm using TeamCity 4.5.1 which I cannot upgrade for some reasons.
Any ideas?

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Could you please try to run this build from clean checkout on the build agent machine from the same user account as build agent service running account.
Please attach produced build log.


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