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I am new to Team City and continuous integration, I am trying to set a build server for a .net 3.5 project. What I managed so far:
- install the build server and make it run
- configured a project

I don't get any compatible build agents.

I am looking for a build agent for .net configuration tutorial ? Or a step by step tutorial on how to get your first .net project to run in TeamCity ?

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There must be someone out there that has done this before, just a little help to get me started.
Thank you.




  Please check you have a build agent running, and please check Agents tab - it should has either Connected or an Unauthorized build agent.
  When Teamcity is installed, it installes by default 2 services: server + 1 agent on the same machine where server is running.

  If this is not the case, please attach build agent logs from TeamCity/buildAgent/logs directory.

  There also may be a problem with user account TeamCity Windows service runs under.

  We also have some documentation, it may be helpful:

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Hi Kir,

I have this all running the problem I have is that the build says it does not have any compatible agents.
The reason for this is the agent is not configured for .net build.

My questions is there a sample configuration for a .net agent ?

Thank you,


Hi Colin,

  When there is a compatibility problem, you can go to "Compatible agents" tab for your build configuration. On this tab, there should be some information why the connected agent is not compatible with your configuration.

  If it is unclear why the agent is not compatible, please provide the screenshot of the "Compatible agents" page, and logs from TeamCity/buildAgent/logs directory. May be, the build agent cannot find .NET installed on your machine, or runs with insufficient privileges.

  Hope this helps,


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