Several projects in the same source tree


our source tree is layed out like this:

|---------interfaces (as DLLs)
             |----------   ...

I am trying to create build configurations for the various projects. I set the build trigger like this:


which works well for triggering, but a checkin to sources of Project A now appears in the list of pending changes for projects B, C, etc.

I also tried to attach lib, interfaces and source tree for a single projects as several VCS roots, but then the hierarchy is mixed up (the dependencies between projects, libs and interfaces are by relative paths) because a VCS root cannot be given a local path inside the agent working directory.

Are there any better means to accomplish what I want ?


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Hello Lars,

  If your projectA configurations has checkout rules:


  and your projectB configuration has checkout rules:


  then commits to source/projectA must not be visible in projectB configuration.

  The commits could be visible only if they contain files which are included by projectB configuration as well.
  I.e. if you have for projectA


  and for projectB:


After that a change which toches files in "lib" will be visible both in projectA and projectB. But if the change has files in source/projectA only, it won't be visible in projectB.
This how it should work.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot, after reading about checkout rules this indeed does the trick !



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