Perforce integration

Hi all.

I did some work in Teamcity+SVN, but I'm new to Perforce.
I'm stuck on creating VCS root.

Just to explain what I have: TeamCity with agend running on Machine1, Perforce server running on Machine2.
So, I created new VCS root, and filled following information:

Port: Machine2:1666
Client mapping: //depot/... //team-city-agent/...
Path to P4 executable:p4 (default)

When I click "Test connection", I get "com.intellij.execution.process.ProcessNotCreatedException: Cannot run program "p4": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Does it mean I have to keep this p4 somewhere locally? How can I figure out this situation, when Perforce is on another computer in network?


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Ok, got it. I forgot about perforce client. Now everything seems to be working.


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