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I'm trying to set up TeamCity (initially locally on my computer to evaluate it).  I am having some problems accessing a SubVersion repository.

We use SVN on a UNIX server, and I connect to it using a URL similar to the following


I have Pageant running locally, with a private key that I have registered, and the corresponding public key has been registered on the server.  I can connect successfully using TortoiseSVN on my computer.

Is there any way TeamCity can work with this type of security and access my SVN repository - let me know if you need any more information.


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Hello Richard,

  TeamCity supports svn+ssh with public key authentication.

  On the VCS root screen, there are corresponding options.
  I belive you should use URL like svn+ssh://servername/opt/svn/companyname/trunk/Source/CCTest (without username),
  enter username on the VCS root page, and also enter SSH key information on the VCS root page.

  Hope this helps,


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