Build Trigger: Problem with combining VCS trigger and Schedule trigger


    Please can you tell me if it is possible to combine a VCS (subversion) trigger and a schedule trigger, as I can't get this to work. As soon as I add the schedule trigger,  the VCS build trigger rules are ignored. i.e. I had  build trigger rules to avoid check-ins by the build user (i.e. -:user=builduser;root=etc) , but TeamCity decided to run the configuration even though only this build user had performed the check-in. This seemed to work before the schedule trigger was added and also about 20 minutes after I deleted the schedule trigger.

   I wanted the build to run on certain check-ins and also overnight at a scheduled time. Does this require different build configurations?

   As an aside is it possible to determine what triggered the build i.e. the rule evalation.


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