teamcity 5.1.2 different jdk for tests in ipr runner

Hello all,

im trying to set up diferent jdk in ipr build runner.

I thik, that it have to be writen in field bellow, but I didnt find exampl how to do it.
Can anyone help to teamcity beginer, how to do it?

I dont use ant or maven yet, but soon I will.

Petr, cz

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  Currently, you can only specify JDK which is used to build your project (actually, these are JDK from your project settings).
  To set them, click Check/Reparse project button. After project loading, you should be able to set JDK in section "Project JDKs":

  IPR Configuration -- TeamCity.png

  Hope this helps,

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Hello Kirk and thank for answer,

so im thinking to learn and use Maven configuration.
is it possible to set up diferent jdk for different module by maven?

Our application have to work under 1.4 jdk and I use some selenium tests which have to use jdk 1.6, so I moved tests to new module
and will try to configure it.

our app module or projekt   --> jdk1.4
tests module                     --> jdk 1.6

What do you think, will this work?

thank for your time
Petr, Cz

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It's indeed possible to use different JDK with different Maven modules - see

With TeamCity instead of ${JAVA_1_4_HOME} in the example you can use ${env.JDK_14} (or ${env.JDK_15} or ${env.JDK_16} depending on your requirements)


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