How to clean obsolete dependencies from project-config.xml?

I've been playing with a parser for our project-config.xml files.  I've discovered something that seems odd: many of the configurations have snapshot dependencies that seem to be obsolete.  I've searched all of the project-config.xml files and been unable to find the build modules being depended upon.  And the dependencies don't show up in the TeamCity server GUI.

Is there a way to have TeamCity clean these obsolete dependencies?  Or do I need to do it manually?


Brian Batchelder

TeamCity Enterprise 5.0.1

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Indeed TeamCity is not cleaning the dependencies of the dependent configurations if configurations they depend on disappeared. Note that it is possible that configuration disappears when server reloads  project settings due to external change (change in the  project-config.xml file).

Currently there is no way to force TeamCity to remove these dependencies. Since TeamCity warns user if there are snapshot dependencies on the  configuration which user tries to remove this is probably not a big problem. Anyway, if you think this is a bug, feel free to submit a bug report to our tracker.

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I don't think this is a bug.  I figured that was how TeamCity works.  Just trying to save myself a bit of work.  



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