(N)UnitTests not running

Good Morning,

I've just wanted to see how our unit tests perform using TeamCity but for some reason the following happens (according to the config's build log):

[10:22:51]: Start TeamCity NUnit Test Runner
[10:22:51]: UnitTests.Tracing.dll
[10:22:51]: [UnitTests.Tracing.dll] D:\TeamCity\BuildAgents\2\work\c6cf20de127129dc\UnitTests.Tracing\bin\x86\Release\UnitTests.Tracing.dll
[10:22:51]: [D:\TeamCity\BuildAgents\2\work\c6cf20de127129dc\UnitTests.Tracing\bin\x86\Release\UnitTests.Tracing.dll] Test ignored: D:\TeamCity\BuildAgents\2\work\c6cf20de127129dc\UnitTests.Tracing\bin\x86\Release\UnitTests.Tracing.dll
[10:22:52]: Tests run: 0, Failures: 0, Not run: 0, Time: 0.000 seconds

That .dll does in fact have 115 UnitTests (picking that .dll in nunit.exe & let them run works), but why does TeamCity not perform the tests here?

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Could you please attach a screenshot of your build configuration settings and a sample test source code.



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