External references for sln 2008

I'm new to teamcity. I've configured my project in Team City using SLN (VS 2008) as build runner. There are some external references(dlls) in my project which are refered in the csproj files under <HintPath> tags. How do I refer to these in team city?

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TeamCity checks out your project sources into some folder on the build agent machine. It uses MSBuild.exe to make your solution file. So, All HintPath references will be resolved on the build agent's working copy. To make it work under TeamCity you may one of the following:
- put those references into version control (thus, files will be available on TeamCity build agent file system)
- use artifact dependencies (http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD5/5.Dependencies#5.Dependencies-Add%2FEditArtifactDependency)
- write custom build script that download necessary requirements and start solution build afterwards.



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