Accessing artifact dependencies

Hi, I'd have a need to access downloaded artifact dependencies of the currently running build programmatically just like it's possible to download artifacts, as described here.

The reason why I'd need this is that I'm not currently able to run the build on the TC agent, but it's run remotely via psexec. The process running on the remote machine needs to access the downloaded artifact dependencies downloaded at the beginning of the currently running build.

As far as I can see it's not possible, do you have any idea how this can be accomplished?

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Not sure I completely understood the problem, but maybe you could configure artifact dependencies so that they were placed into the one directory? Then you can use separate process and take artifacts from this directory.

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Do you mean that TC allows to configure artifact dependencies to be placed on a network share using the TC UI?

I thought you could only specify checkout-relative folders, but if that's not true that would be definitely a good solution.

Reading carefully the docs I notice that you can definitely place artifact dependencies in any directory instead of being limited to a folder relative to the checkout directory, so that is deinitely a good solution, thanks.


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