Installing build agent as a windows service-help

I currently have TeamCity CI installed on a windows server.  I want to install a build agent on my desktop on windows xp.  I downloaded the files the file and unzipped it and place the folder in my c: drive.  I renamed the properties file to and changed the server url to the teamcity ci url and changed the prot number to 120.  Then in the command prompt i execute service.install.bat and service.start.bat and it says it started correctly but when I open a browser and navigate to the teamcity server is doesn't show up in the agents list anywhere.  If i dont run it as a service and i just run the agent.bat start command it works but not for the service bat files.  I tried opening port 120 on the windows server but that didn't help.  Does anyone know why it is not showing up in the agents list?

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Hello Michael,

Could you please check that user account under which service is running (by default it is SYSTEM) have enough permissions to access this network path.
Could you please provide agent logs.



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