indicate in build history which ant target was run

(Note: we are still using TC4.01)
and we are running build configurations with varying ant targets.
what we need is that we could see in the build history (list of builds) which target was executed.
Is this possible, maybe via plugin or modifying some templates?
Or is there some kind of feature for this in the newer TC versions?

example how it could look like, see the column where there is "ant.target1", "ant.target2".
that way I could see which targets where executed, and in which order (build#14 was target2, #15 was target1)

#15                         Success None No  changes 09 Nov 09 20:46 3s cdn-ws13 None
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ant.target1 Pin
#14                         Cancelled None No  changes 09 Nov 09 20:46 4s cdn-ws10 None
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ant.target2 Pin
#13                         Success None michael.damberger  (1)
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Seems, you can try to modify the build status text with the information you need.

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this works, thanks a lot !


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