Permissions for creating Project-Specific Report Tabs


I'm trying to take advantage of the project-specific report tabs feature outlined here:
and I'm a little perplexed at the current permissions scheme.

Since the tabs are scoped for individual projects, it seems logical that a Project Administrator would have permissions to create the tabs. However, the higher System Administrator privilege is required to perform this task. Is this a bug?

What's stranger is that Project Administrators can still see the "Report Tabs" tab under project administration. However, upon configuring a new tab you get the error message "You do not have enough permission for this function". This is very unlike TeamCity UI.

So, please, can you see if the permissions scheme for this function should be changed?

Thank you,

(TeamCity Enterprise 5.1.2 build 13230)

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Thank you very much for spotting this bug, please watch:

Fix will be available in 5.1.3


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