Can we Integrate Xenocode PostBuild with TeamCity?

I am trying to integrate  xenocode postbuild 2010 into teamcity (Build server).

Current  Scenario ::

For  now i am executing it in command line mode using XBuild.exe, where it  process my abc.postbuild file. This command is running as a task in  build file. If i am using it in this way, it is smoothly process my  postbuild file and give me obfuscated files as output.

Required  scenario ::

But  i need to make postbuild file dynamically, like i put my files at one  location and Teamcity will check that location and create a postbuild  file with taking all the files there. So,it overwrite the postbuild file  and take the changes of the number of files present on that location,  for this i need to integrate xenocode postbuild.

Thank You.

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