NCover integration

Hi all, I'm a bit confused about how to get the NCover coverage reports displaying within Team City. I have an MSBuild task that performs the NCover operation to generate the report, runs through MSTests to get the test results (which I was able to display within Team City using a ##teamcity directive), and then generates the  HTML report using NCover Explorer.

The report is being generated successfully to c:\sandbox\Reports\Report.html. In main-config.xml I added this:

<report-tab title="Full Coverage Report" basePath="reports" startPage="Report.html" />

Working directory is:


I have a single Artifact paths entry:

reports => reports

I also tried changing the basePath in the report-tab element to be the full path to the report, but that didn't work either. Nothing in the UI.

Any ideas?



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Do you see generated reports in artifacts tab?

What is set to checkout directory for this build? All paths in atrifact paths are resolved agains checkout directory.

Please have a look at

Staritng from 5.1 report tabs can be configured from web ui, please have a look at

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Well, wasn't specifying a checkout dir. The extraction of code from SVN is handled elsewhere and is done as part of the msbuild script, not TeamCity. I was hoping that specifying a working directory would take the place of the checkout dir since none is specified.

I manually specified a checkout dir and that didn't help. I don't see any artifacts tab.

I'll see about updating to 5.1. We're on 5.0.2 right now.

:edit: I take that back, I was expecting them to appear on the configuration, not a specific build. Setting the checkout dir did get a "reports" directory to appear that I can expand, and I do see the new tab with the full report. Thanks!


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