Teamcity XML Reports and phpcpd

Hi All,

I'm trying to add phpcpd to build statistic and having issue with exporting its results. Phpcpd uses PMD xml file format as i can understand from its options (--log-pmd).
During build configuration i'm choosing export XML report in PMD format. But in result its exports only phpmd report and on phpcpd report i'm getting such thing as:

Failed to parse ***/cpd-report.xml with PMD parser

Anyone had results with phpcpd?

Thank you.

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Hello, Dmytro,

we haven't yet tested TeamCity XML Report Processing with phpcpd and haven't investigated whether it generates true PMD reports.

Could you, please attach, XML reports on which you get "Failed to parse <...>.xml with PMD parser" and I'will find out what particular tags cause our parser failure.

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Thank you for your answer. Here you go, report file in attachment.

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Thanks for your attachment!

Unfortunately, bad news about the phpcpd output format. It's totally different form supported by TeamCity PMD XML reports.

PMD tool has two report types - one for most inspecions like unused variables, unreachable code, etc. and a separate XML report type for code duplicates.
We don't yet have integration with the the latter.

I've created an issue on Jetbrains tracker.
Please, vote.

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thank you for your answer.


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