Customizing REST Plugin

Can I customize REST API to add new teamcity API, for e.g. add new users etc. If yes, what should be the starting point for this?

Himanshu Taneja


I am trying to checkout code from trunk, and I get the error Could not resolve hostname. Is there any way, I can get the source code.


Are you sure there is no problem with DNS on your side? currently is up and running.


Sorry for the delay in replying.

It's not yet easily possible to extend the REST plugin, but you can get the sources of the plugin and create a new plugin with extended functionality. When creating new plugin please make sure you change it's name (at least property in the build.xml) and binding controller URL (value of api.path parameter in the teamcity-plugin.xml file). You can then install the plugin as usual into .BuildServer/plugins

If you come up with something that may be of general use, please consider sharing your code for other users or even submitting us a patch to bundle the functionality.


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