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When using different build triggers they are combined in an or clause.  For example, if I have set a VCS trigger of +:foo/bar/** and a Dependency on build Master the current behavior is to trigger when either a VCS submission under foo/bar is made OR the Master build completes.  What I want is an AND so that even after Master completes my build would only trigger if there have been changes under foo/bar.

We have one master build which builds binaries that many subsequent builds use.  But I don't want to run every subsequent build if there aren't pertinent changes.

Does this make sense?  Any such feature coming?  Or is there a way to do this that I'm not aware of?  From what I have seen, I believe snapshot dependencies just end up in many more Master builds being triggered and negating any optimization I am hoping to achieve.


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Your request is quite similar to this issue:
The only difference is the type of the trigger. Probably VCS trigger settings should be added to all of the triggers. Please add your comments to the issue.


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