Packing artifacts, using more than one file pattern

Hello all,

the new packing feature for artifacts in TC 5.1 is great.

However, what can do to pack, say, all *.lib and *.dll files into one archive

and the rest into another?

Something like:

*.dll|*.lib =>

*.exe =>

would be very useful.

Another way would be to add artifacts to an archive, iff it already exists and to create the archive otherwise.

So this would be possible:

*.dll =>

*.lib =>

*.exe =>

Or is there already a way to do something like this?


The second way, i.e.

*.dll =>

*.lib =>

*.exe =>

is actually how it should work. Have you tried it? Are there any problems?


Yes, that works. Thank you.

My error was that, when I tried it, I eclosed the archive name in double-quotes ("An old windows habit").

This made the build hang forever. I had to remove it manually from the database.

Maybe somone can look into this?

And a final sidenote: This forum looks really great, but has somone ever tried to use it with the Opera webbrowser?

The WYSIWYG-editor, I am currently writing this with, just does not appear.

Best regards.


Hello Wolfgang,

  I'd appreciate if you create request in our tracker regarding build hanging with the related configuration you used.
  I'll take a look at this.

  BTW, you can use relative paths inside zip archive, if needed. Like *.css => my.war!/css/



The "!/yyy/" syntax isn't documented anywhere that I can find.  It works great, but I wish I hadn't had to hunt so hard for it.


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