RSpec without Rails?

We have a plain ole ruby project (as in, no rails) that's using RSpec 2.0 for testing.  Our continuous integration build plan simply executes "rspec spec" using the command line runner.  This works, but TC only recognizes success/failure by the return code of the process.  It doesn't pick up any of the details though (e.g. # of tests, test duration, etc etc).  How can I get configure TC to pick up those details?

Note that the rspec rake tasks are part of the rspec-rails gem, and since this isn't a rails project, we're not using that gem.  It would be nice if TC could look for test results for non-rake runners.

Also, I created a simple rake task that calls system("rspec spec") and ran it using the rake runner, but TC still didn't pick up the detailed results.

Any suggestions?



Hello Christian,

Unfortunately responsible engineer is on vacation as well, so I can't give you the answer right away.

Likely there is rspec options should be set so it is used for attaching TeamCity rspec reporter to rspec process. Also there is an corresponding issue in tracker

Kind regards,



That issue is actually for another problem.  I'll go ahead and create an issue for the problem I'm referring to here.



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