TC request: parameterization of dependecies

When you are adding new dependency, you can only choose dependencies from drop down list "Depend on".

It would be realy nice feature to allow parameterization of this fiels. For instance text box which will allow to type, sth like:


and set %mode% to dev, test or whatever in step 6: propeties and enviroment variables

it would be event more fantastic to type a list of projects like:

branches.%mode%.project::buildName1, branches.%mode%.project::buildName2

or with wild cards


When you are managing houndreds of builds configuration configuring dependencies is a realy painfull.
Imagine switching more then 100 dependecies from to branches.test.projectName.output
The only thing that changes is dev -> test in dependencie project, but you still have to spend a lot of time clicking and reaadding dependencies.
In a way i described above you would be able to create template project and change dependencies as parameters in one project.

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