MSTest Code Coverage File Location

I am trying to get MSTest results to show up in TeamCity.  I have had success specifying the location of the test results (.trx) file using Service Messages.

This causes the test results to show up but I am having trouble getting the code coverage results published.

I don't want to manually edit a .testrunconfig file everytime a new project is added to my solution so I am dynamically determining my test dlls in my MSBuild script.  My script then instruments and logs the code coverage calls using VSPerfMon.  My script is generating the code coverage results correctly, the problem is that the code coverage results are not being picked up by TeamCity.

Does anyone know how TeamCity locates the data.coverage file when Service Messages are used to specify the location of the test results .trx file?

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Sorry for long the delay. The question is still actual with latest TeamCity release?

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