Maven and versioning - best practices?

My team is in the process of converting from ant to maven, and I'm wondering what the best practices are with regard to versioning.

Currently TeamCity is passing the version, containing the build number, to ant. As in '6.2.4.{0}' which resolves to something like ''. Ant then builds artifacts with this version number and the source is tagged with this version. This happens at least nightly, sometimes more often with some of our other projects.

We'd like to replace ant with maven and deploy these versioned artifacts into a local maven repository for use by other projects. I would have liked to have keep our current versioning scheme, but it doesn't seem possible. According to this maven issue a version number passed in from the command line (TeamCity) will not make it to the installed artifact.

So how do teams typically handle the versioning of artifacts built by TeamCity and maven?

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Sorry for long the delay. The question is still actual with latest TeamCity release?

Please refe to online documentaion about

Maven support

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