TeamCity not getting updated source from perforce.

I am using TeamCity 1.2 and Perforce as my source control. I seem to have everything set up correctly. I can test the connection and when I do the build it calculates a valid change list. However it does not seem to update the source - it says file X has changed but it doesn't get the new version form perforce. I can go into P4's client and I see an yellow ! icon on all the files that need to be updated. A yellow exclamation point indicates that your client workspace contains an older revision of the file (not the head revision). I can sync in the P4 and it gets everything that is new removing the !.
1) Shouldn't TeamCity be updating the source?
2) If it is, why isn't it doing it?

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Could you post your configuration information?

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What do you need specifically? Is there some config file I can send you?

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Mainly the client spec. That's the hardest part to set up, IMO.

Well, if that's the way you're doing it. Mainly just the information on the Perforce config screen would be helpful.

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Here it is, but like I said before. The P4 client app (P4Win) uses the same client spec and it has no trouble syncing - it works.

  1. A Perforce Client Specification.


  1. Client: The client name.

  2. Update: The date this specification was last modified.

  3. Access: The date this client was last used in any way.

  4. Owner: The user who created this client.

  5. Host: If set, restricts access to the named host.

  6. Description: A short description of the client (optional).

  7. Root: The base directory of the client workspace.

  8. AltRoots: Up to two alternate client workspace roots.

  9. Options: Client options:

  10. allwrite clobber compress

  11. locked modtime rmdir

  12. LineEnd: Text file line endings on client: local/unix/mac/win/share.

  13. View: Lines to map depot files into the client workspace.


  1. Use 'p4 help client' to see more about client views and options.


Update: 2006/12/15 06:47:03

Access: 2007/01/19 05:47:36

Owner: f1build

Host: ks-blizzard

Created by f1build.

Root: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\Development

Options: noallwrite clobber nocompress unlocked modtime rmdir

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The question perhaps no longer relevant. If it's not please leave a comment or create a separate thread.

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