Pattern for accessing build artifacts

We would like to provide a link to our users so that they can download the latest snapshot build by teamcity.

We have the following problem. Our CI build produces three artifacts. All of them contain a timestamp in their name. Something like:

I'm aware that TeamCity provides a pattern like this: /guestAuth/repository/download/BUILD_TYPE_ID/.lastFinished/ARTIFACT_PATH

But in our case, the artifact path is not fixed as they have an ever changing timestamp. Is there a way to solve this problem?

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Founder, Gradle,
CEO, Gradle Inc. - Gradle Training, Support, Consulting

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Hello Hans,

  TeamCity allows including build number into the artifact name, like {build.number}.
  Please read details on that at

  TeamCity also allows downloading all artifacts of a build as a ZIP file (see details at the bottom of the docs page).

  Hope this helps,

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Hey Kirill,

I am also new to TeamCity and would like my Nant script to get the latest sucessful build from the respective build configuration.

The link mentions the following:


How is the below absolute path translated to the path metioned above?
For example :


Thanks in advance !


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