NUnit tests no longer appear in the build results

We've recently updated our build from VS2005 to VS2010.  Since doing that, the unit tests have stopped showing up in TC.  They are running however, I can see them in the build log.  It seems that the "TeamCity NUnit Test Runner" is not running, instead just NUnit via the <NUnit/> task in MsBuildCommunityTasks.  If I understand it correctly, TC Unit Test Runner is supposed to intercept our <NUnit/> task and take over.  That does not seem to be happening anymore.  In old build logs, where the test results are clearly showing up in TC, there is always a line in the build log that reads "Start TeamCity NUnit Test Runner".  This does not appear anymore.

How can I get TC to show the test results again?

Some more info:

  • We build with msbuild 4.0 and a custom build script.
  • NUnit tests are launched via the MSBuild Community Tasks <NUnit/> target (assembly version
  • Test csproj projects are all targeting 3.5.
  • All the rest of the csproj files are targeting 2.0.
  • This clearly started happening on the commit that included the changes for VS2005 to VS2010 upgrade.


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Please try including '<UsingTask TaskName="NUnit" AssemblyFile="$(teamcity_dotnet_nunitlauncher_msbuild_task)" />'  to the bottom of the msbuild script that is calling <NUnit> task.


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