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Is there any possibility to tell TeamCity to get not last version of sources from CVS, but some other, labeled one. I'm using Perforce.
For example, I turned on automatic labeling of successful builds. In result I have some labeled sources, say build-11.

In future I want to be able to get artifacts based on sources from build-11.
How can I tell TeamCity to run a build using that particular sources from build-11, not the latest revision as in usual.


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TeamCity does not support getting labeled sources at this time.
Here is a feature request for alike functionality that you can vote for: TW-5061

However, I'd appreciate if you can comment in the issue on WHY do you need that.
"Why" here is for why you need to rebuild every time.

A common approach is to create a build configuration that will produce the artifacts form the sources in question and then artifact-depend on it via pinned build from others instead of retrieving sources by label in those others all the time.


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