Perforce agent side checkout performance in EAP 6.0

I am evaluating the agent side checkout in EAP 6.0 build 15311 and have found that for some reason it seems the no-op syncs on an agent are taking as long as a full clean sync.  Basically if I sync a perforce VCS root on an agent, then sync it again with no changes, the second sync is taking as long as the first clean sync.

I turned on debug output but I can't find the output for the p4 sync command in any logs so I can't really tell what is happening.  During a build I poked around in the work dir for the build configuration on the agent and it looks like something had deleted all the files and then they were all re-syncing from scratch.  I do not have "Clean all files before build" selected in the template for the configuration being run.  Any ideas for stuff I should look at or does this sound like it may be a bug?

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Hello Seth,

  Thanks for being on the cutting edge :)

  The behaviour you're observing could definitely be a bug, or there may be some other reasons. Could you please attach build log of the build which should have had no-op checkout and logs from build agent ( buildAgent/logs directory contents). We'll try to see what's going on.

  Thanks again,


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