Rails 2.3 and Bundler, build fail/success is working, but not individual test passes/fails

Hi there,

In our TeamCity setup, using the Rake runner to build a Rails project, when a specific test failed it used to track that specific test, whether it was a new failure or not, how many overall tests were run, etc. Now we're not getting that data, we're only getting an overall red or green build, and having to read the build log to find the specific tests that failed.

I _think_ that the change occurred when we started using Bundler to manage our gem dependencies, but I'm not 100% sure that's when it changed.

As far as I know, my teammates who use Rubymine (also by Jetbrains) are also having similar issues, once we went to Bundler, so I'm wondering if it's related to that as well?

If anybody has any suggestions, that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!!


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The responsible developer in out of the office these days but he will reply as soon as he returns.

TeamCity and RubyMine do use shared code, but the issue might need to be investigated separately.

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Hello Cameron,

Which TC version and Ruby test framework do you use?

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Hi Roman

We're using Team City Professional 5.1 EAP (build 13215) and our tests are test/unit with some additional use of the shoulda gem. If it helps, we are on bundler version 0.9.26.



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At first please check that "Test::Unit" reporter is enabled in "Rake" runner settings of your build configuration. If doesn't help please add more information:
1. Is your SDK installed using RVM?
2. You use "test-unit" gem or Test::Unit framework bundled in Ruby 1.8.6 SDK
3. Please attach build log. I'm interested in first part of it, which includes cmdline for rake task launching.

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Hi Roman,

Thanks for following up. Here's my answers:

1. Yes, the Test::Unit and Shoulda reporters are enabled: http://skitch.com/cdb7575/d1c5i/cart-configuration-teamcity
2. No, I don't think we have RVM running at all, we installed the TeamCity SDK in a fairly standard way
3. Yes, in our bundler Gemfile we are using 'test-unit' version 2.0.2
4. here's the first bit of our build log (just removing a bit of our corporate stuff)....you'll see parallel tests running, but the same thing happens when we don't use parallel tests:

Build 'xxx [dev] :: Cart' #1014
Started 'Tue Aug 17 05:57:02 UTC 2010' on 'ip-10-194-114-159' by 'Git (JetBrains)'
Finished 'Tue Aug 17 06:08:06 UTC 2010' with status 'NORMAL Success'
TeamCity URL http://tc.xxx.com:8111/viewLog.html?buildId=6558&buildTypeId=bt81014

[05:57:01]: bt8
[05:57:01]: Checking for changes
[05:57:02]: Clearing temporary directory: /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/temp/buildTmp
[05:57:02]: Checkout directory: /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/work/64f0287dee87e6f1
[05:57:02]: Updating sources: Agent side checkout...
[05:57:02]:  [Updating sources: Agent side checkout...] VCS Root: xxx-dev
[05:57:02]:  [VCS Root: xxx-dev] revision: bfe155866b29e1a3db24a87ca06c3261c08ee3f2@12a7e962ba8
[05:57:03]:  [VCS Root: xxx-dev] Resetting xxx-dev in /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/work/64f0287dee87e6f1 to revision bfe155866b29e1a3db24a87ca06c3261c08ee3f2 Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:xxx/main into dev
[05:57:04]: Start process: /usr/bin/ruby /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/plugins/rake-runner/lib/rb/runner/rakerunner.rb jetbrains:teamcity parallel:prepare[8] parallel:test[8]
[05:57:04]: in: /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/work/64f0287dee87e6f1/cart
[05:57:04]: (in /opt/TeamCityBuildAgent/work/64f0287dee87e6f1/cart)
[05:58:02]: Execute jetbrains:teamcity
[05:58:02]: Execute parallel:prepare
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 1
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 2
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 3
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 4
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 5
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 6
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 7
[05:58:02]:  [Execute parallel:prepare] Preparing test database 8

Any advice would be great, thanks!!


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Hello Cameron,

Our RubyMine users who use test-unit 2.0.2 gem reported the similar problem in RubyMine 2.5. I suppose that the caused by the same problem. Please track RubyMine issue http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RUBY-6423.


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