UnauthorizedAccessException : Access to the path 'filename' is denied.

I am currently using TeamCityProfessional 5.1.1 (build 13398).
We are running NUnit tests.  Within many of the tests we are creating temporary directories and files.  These are created within nested using statements to ensure they are properly disposed.  However, we are getting "Access to the path 'filename' is denied." when attempting to dispose these files.  This does not happen everytime the tests are run. Out of over 9000 unit tests, a single test will fail with this error.  It happens on different test each run.  The problem seems to be gettting more frequent.  We were able restart the tests and they would complete without a problem, now it seems to happen almost every time we run.  This seems to have started when we installed this version of TeamCity.  Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Please attach stacktrace of the exception.


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