Integrating Partcover 4.0 in TeamCity

I recently updated our PartCover from 2.3 to 4.0 on the build agent.  That got me past the first problem [0].  Now a partcover code coverage xml file is produced (I see it in .teamcity artifacts folder) but it is empty.  That is, the xml consists of the root node only, and is otherwise empty.  The build is not failing, there is just no coverage data being collected.

The build agent log shows this message:

[2010-08-27 09:16:05,424] out - TeamCity_Generated_NUnitTests:

[2010-08-27 09:16:05,424] out -   c:\BuildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe "@@" C:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\tmp2175.tmp

[2010-08-27 09:16:07,434] out - 2010-08-27 09:16:07,413 [728] WARN  JetBrains.TeamCity.CoverageSupport.PartCover.PartCoverServerRegistrar - Failed to find PartCover.CorDriver.dll. Probably wrong path to PartCover. No registration will be performed

I can run partcover 4.0 on the build agent manually and it works as expected, a full xml output file is created.

My guess is that TeamCity is COM registering this dll on the fly, but said dll does not exist in version 4.0.  Is that correct?

And if so, I guess that means I'll need to script the partcover/nunit task manually, correct?

If I do script it, how do I pull the partcover result xml file into TC such that I get that nifty green coverage delta report on the build Overview page?  If I manually place it into the otherwise automatically created .teamcity/.NetCoverage/results/file.tmp artifact location perhaps?



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You will need to update your project.xml file. Please remove 'dotNetCoverage.PartCover.Reg' <param> element. project.xml file is found <TeamCity data directory>/config/<project name> folder. Please do not forget to backup xml before updating. TeamCity will detect the change automatically.

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If you are going to script partcover call, please have a look into This describes how to make TeamCity generate code coverage from partcover report.

Was partcover report xml format changed in 4.0? TeamCity parses that xml file to find statistic values. If it is, please feel free to post an issue to our issue tracker.

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I've created issue TW-13189 for the updates to the partcover xml format.


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