MSTest + Failed to read testOutcome

Well this is my first post here, so please be nice :-)  

I get the error: Failed to read testOutcome on some of my tests.  I have 40 tests.  Sometimes it says 37 of them passed, 0 failed - sometimes 38 passed, 0 failed, etc.

All i get in the log is this:
[13:28:38]: [MSTest] Test 'MyTests.OpenFileTest_PreviousOpenedFileIsOverWrittenWhenFileChanges': Failed to read testOutcome

It doesnt show as a failure, is there a setting that says 'If outcome unknown fail test' or something like that -  I mean, shouldn't this be considered a failure?  As you can see from the test description im doing some files stuff, it varies in the amount of time it takes - which is why its prob timing out in the first place.  

If i run the same test in VS, it sometimes failes with the error:
The agent process was stopped while the test was running.


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Please create an issue at and attach there a sample .trx file of that missed test failure.


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